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05 February 2012 @ 07:40 pm

Hello everyone! I am a Johnny's Entertainment fan and, specifically, a Hey! Say! JUMP fan! My journal's posts will mostly be about Hey! Say! JUMP (Although you may also find other subjects such as KAT-TUN, NewS, various anime and manga, etc.). These posts may contain thoughts, ranting, and fangirling, or they may just be about news. I'm also a fan of the Korean entertainment industry as well as the Taiwanese one... in general, anything that is Asian (Typical of an Asian, huh?) Yes, that means I enjoy watching dramas and listening to "Asian" music.

I'm also very friendly, so, if you would like a new friend, I will be happy to be one! I do, however, ask that you please do not randomly just friend me without any prior notice or e-mail. You may talk to me about many subjects and, if you want to break the ice, you can always get started on interests and hobbies. Bye-bye!

Note: I'm fairly inactive when it comes to posting entries and only do so when I feel like that. However, I am not dead, I'm just quiet unless approached. Oh! Don't be afraid, I love to use emoticons, but for the sake of keeping the message semi-formal, I'm not using them x3 (AH! I spotted one!)

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Yo~! =3

Hrmm... I decided to just randomly post an entry in my journal since I haven't done so in about... a year or a bit more than a year? >.< Yes, it's been quite a while ^^' In fact, looking back at my entries, they are very random... and I believe a good chunk of them are... birthday posts! xD What happened to keeping up with the birthday posts, dear old me? 

I mostly wanted to make one post on something that has affected the Hey! Say! JUMP fandom - the Ryutaro smoking incident. There are quite a few things I have to say about the topic and, reading some other posted entries about the Ryutaro incident and the author's thoughts on it, I have to say that I will probably be writing a condensed version on it. However, knowing myself, it will still be rather long, either way xD

Hey! Say! JUMP has always been a group of ten members and my view of HSJ will continue to stay that way. Ryutaro has been in Johnny's for quite a long time and I remember seeing him as a little midget whose voice had not even broken yet. He had been a Jr. alongside Yamada, Yuto, Inoo, and many of the other HSJ members as well. As we grow up, things about us change and we discover and learn about new things.
For Ryutaro, he made the decision to smoke as early as fourteen years old as we know. It's not "too" big of a surprise considering I live in the USA and some teenagers smoking is an accepted fact, but the important fact for Ryutaro is that he is an idol. As for his reason to smoke, we will never know unless we know Ryutaro personally, but even then the issue may be a bit touchy. There must be a reason as to why he started smoking? My guesses are that he was stressed, possibly from idol work or maybe even the stalker incident that happened a while ago.
That doesn't change the fact that smoking is bad for you. If Ryutaro makes the choice, he must know the consequences. I disagree with Ryutaro's choice but what bothered me the most was the fact that he seemed to be open about it. According to Tokyograph, he had not only been doing it for a while, but was warned by other people and had brushed off the warnings. Looking at the pictures, he looks as though he is posing for the camera. Not only this, but Ryutaro claimed that he had done it a few times "out of curiosity" (Tokyohive). I believe doing something "out of curiosity" or trying something is a one time thing, not a repeated action.
I believe that something must have been bothering him for him to resort to smoking. Smoking calms the nerves and, having relatives who smoke, I understand that sometimes it cannot be helped. I just wished that Ryutaro would have thought about it more and gone to other methods of relieving his stress. It has affected the group on a large scale (Of course, HSJ will now have 9 members >.<), but it may have also affected his younger brother, Shintaro, as well. I'm not sure if Ryutaro has thinking selfishly on his part, but, in either way, his smoking has affected himself as well as other people.
As of now, it has been said that Ryutaro is now suspended, although some sources say "indefinitely", I am still hoping for his comeback. Everyone makes mistakes and unfortunately, for some people whom make mistakes, they must learn the hard way. For Ryutaro, this was the case. Although my previous paragraphs were scolding him and analyzing the situation, Ryutaro is still Ryutaro. I am sure that if the tabloids had not exposed Ryutaro's smoking habit, no one would have known. Ryutaro still acted like himself; he still acted funny and playful. In fact, looking back at some later clips, such as the ones from Showa! Heisei! show, Ryutaro had probably smoked by then, but I still remember and love some of his witty and funny remarks when "battling" against Yamada and/or Yuto. I am sure, or, I, at least, hope, that he is reflecting on the situation and will be making better choices later on in life. I can't imagine how the members feel, let alone Ryutaro, but what he probably needs is reassurance so that he can continue on and become a better person.

Ryutaro, true fans will be there supporting you all the way, no matter what choices or mistakes you make. We will be supporting you all the way and patiently waiting for your return! 

(Note: I hope this has not offended anyone in any way, and if it had, I deeply apologize. This was simply my view and opinion on the incident and, while my view may not be the same as yours, please be respectful.)

So, that was the serious post (It was a pretty much a drabble, sorry about that!) of my journal and... later on, you'll probably see me making a random, more light-hearted, post sometime soon~ until then, bye-bye!
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29 January 2010 @ 08:24 pm
Hello everyone!

I decided to make a random little post over here, so here we go~

Well I recently finished a big science fair project for my school and after nearly sleepless nights this past week, I'm finally finished! The work, however is far from done for me D= I have a number of things coming up as well including Academic Decathlon in my state as well as school clubs, activities, and a number of things I do outside of school as well! Oh and it is currently night where I am and today is the night where the moon will be its fullest! After driving home from my classes today, I was able to look at the moon and observe its beauty. It was quite a view and very nice to just drift off and observe the night sky. There were also a few stars, which I was skeptical about, but hey I can't complain. Especially since I love stars and star-gazing~ Anyways I'm done rambling now~

Prior to my previous post of : Where is the HSJ <3!?, I guess that one post was a drabble for me where I could let out some steam I had bottled up for a while x3 But as of now, Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a new single on February 24th! Their new single is called "Hitomi no Screen" which is also the theme song for Yamada Ryosuke's lead drama, "Hidarime Tantei EYE" (Feels lazy and does not want to switch to Japanese). As you can tell my my previous post, alan (Alan Dawa Dolma) will be releasing her single, "Diamond" on February 3rd! (A special someone's birthday~ x3) So many things to look forward to~

As for Yamada's Hidarime Tantei EYE drama, I've watched the first episode and I am quite impressed with it. Yamada's character does not give off the "I know it all, I'm smart" detective aura, and instead his character has to ponder for a bit. His character is quite different from the few previous roles he had to play, but I have to say his character is quite tragic and a bit hard to understand. I guess we will have to wait and watch more to find out =3 If I feel like it, I may give a little summary of what has happened in the first episode~ (Not that anyone reads my posts and they're probably me just talking to myself xD That's okay though~) By the way, there are a number of parts in the episode where Yamada is just *insert embarrassing word or flailing*! 

Eh~ so that's all for now, I hope everyone has a great day~! (Or has had a great day x3) 
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Happy New Year! 

It's a time to start off fresh and try harder in the new upcoming year. New things come with a new year, and there are also new expectations as well. A few of them in the HSJ fandom being Yamada starring in 左目探偵EYE (Hidarime Tantei EYE), Yabu and his new play which is starting, "She Loves Me," and maybe a possible new single for "Hitomi no Screen"!? However... where exactly is the whole group? 

I woke up this new year morning to find that NYC Boys will be a permanent unit! X_X I don't want this, I want HSJ to have a come-back... I want some HSJ love! 

I don't mean to offend Mr .Kitagawa, after all he did give us some of the best and cutest boy band groups (KAT-TUN, Arashi, NewS), and don't forget HSJ. However, this past year I believe he's finally gone completely senile.

First off he has Nakayama w/ B.I. Shadow (Still a mouthful to say...) debut as a group when they came out of NOWHERE. HSJ started off with HS7, and KAT-TUN was a little group before they actually "debuted" ... there is absolutely no story for NYw/BIS (Given up by this point). This group released a single earlier this summer and the included both Yamada and Chinen (Being the two most popular HSJ members... for Yamada the growing most popular Johnny's member) just to further promote their debut and help the new group. We have heard tons coming from the "Temporary group" NYC Boys, but what happened to NYw/BIS? Was their debut a fake? Why is B.I.Shadow in Shounen Club and Nakayama somewhere else? I would have been fine with Johnny's decision, but this has gotten a bit out of hand. As I'm looking looking at the wikipedia page of debuted Johnny's groups, NYw/BIS doesn't appear to be there... interesting?

Secondly, although not as controversial, was Morimoto Shintaro's little single with other Johnny's Juniors (The younger brother of HSJ's Morimoto Ryutaro) They have released a single called "Snow Prince" for Shintaro's new movie "Snow Prince", which is completely understandable, and I say why not? However, will they be a permanent group as well?

Lastly, we have NYC Boys. Just a temporary group, Johnny intended for them just to help promote the "newly debuted" group NYw/BIS and the volleyball supporters. However... because of their continuous appearances (Instead of HSJ.....!) people (Including myself) have gotten suspicious if they will just stay a temporary group. This morning... the news that they will be a permanent group surprisingly didn't stun me (I did have a hint...) but I am beyond disappointed. I'm not sure where I have been, but I do not see as many NYC Boys fans as HSJ fans... in fact the amount of NYC Boy fans is not even close to the amount of HSJ fans. I can bet that about 50% or more of NYC Boys fans are in fact HSJ fans...

Just think of how it will be for Yamada and Chinen. They will not only have to work in two groups, but if NYC Boys is more active than HSJ, how will they be able to stick with everyone else in HSJ ? What will happen to the less popular members of HSJ? I'm uncertain, but if this is going to keep up, HSJ fans will be greatly disappointed, and with nothing new... may lose some fans as well (Unfortunate!)

I'll be happy to hear people's opinions on this matter, and this is just my opinion. Everyone has their own opinions, so please respect them! 
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10 August 2009 @ 10:20 am
Happy 16th Birthday Yuto~! <3

I wasn't able to post this last night because I was so tired, but it is still August 10th in Japan for a few more hours, and where I live, it is August 10th! Happy Birthday Yuto~! One of my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP members, there are many things to like about you. You are kind, cute, and I'm sure there is a bit of a perverted side of you left (YOUtachi~ x3) I wish that there was more Yuto-related things out there, but sadly you aren't in any shows like you were before T_T I got upset when Showa x Heisei ended as well (Although still glad at least Yamada was in there *slap*) So I'd just like to leave off saying, hope you've enjoyed your birthday and spent it with your friends and family~! Continue to do your best in the future, I will be supporting you all the way! 

P.S. Please stop growing taller, for me, you're already too tall Yuto~ I'll have to look up to see your face! No I'm just kidding, do your best Yuto~! 

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